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How do you take an incredibly complex project like branch transformation and make it simple? With 6d. It enables DBSI to work fast, ensure they achieve all key elements, stay on the same page with you and nail the strategic intent— and deliver YOUR credit union differentiation.

They get the credit union industry is a risk-averse industry, so they've dramatically reduced the risk with these guarantees.

  1. Discover
  2. Define
  3. Design
  4. Document
  5. Deliver
  6. Debrief

6d starts with DISCOVER, where DBSI works to understand you and your desired state and ends with the critical pieces of DELIVER, your finished product, and DEBRIEF. The 6d approach allows their team to surface your goals, vision and challenges. Now, you’re on the same page!

Their comprehensiveness means ease and convenience for you - which is massive. Connecting all aspects of your project, eliminates finger pointing.

Why we like this solution:

  • Thorough process that results in time and cost savings
  • Ease and convenience for credit union exec teams
  • Integrates the right designs, tech and training
  • Delivers environments that manifest your differentiation