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2O2O Analytics

End-to-end loan portfolio analytics solutions, including CECL and peer analysis

Who is 2O2O Analytics?

2020 Analytics is the premier loan portfolio analytics service provider for credit unions, providing loan risk analysis, value-added data enrichment, and identifying unique environmental factors that affect credit union portfolios. The 2020 Analytics team is made up of financial consultants and certified public accountants who have experience with financial statement audits, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulatory exams and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standards, including Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL).

How a strategic alliance with 2O2O Analytics benefits credit unions

By analyzing your credit union’s loan portfolio, 2020 Analytics can value your collateral, grade your loans, validate your allowance for loan losses (CECL reserve), and stress test your portfolio. This expertise is a critical component of managing a loan portfolio in the face of ever-changing economic conditions, pressure to increase loan growth while reducing charge-offs and regulatory pressure from examiners.

When you understand your risk level, you can better manage it.

Why choose 2O2O Analytics

2020 Analytics uses data to help credit unions understand and optimize their loan portfolio.

Why we like these solutions:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Proactive risk evaluation and management
  • Intuitive dashboards for visualizing data

2020 Analytics provides comprehensive solutions to credit unions of all types and is commonly engaged by credit unions that: 

Lack the resources or expertise to develop analytical tools or insights

2020 Analytics offers best-in-class cloud-based software for self-service analysis of loan data. Their software analyzes profitability, prepares board reporting and offers tools for quantifying or validating CECL reserves. 

Are responding to NCUA examiner findings or document(s) of resolution

In addition to cloud-based software, 2020 Analytics offers independent, consultative solutions that provide an added layer of comfort to you, your board of directors and NCUA Examiners. They have experience responding to NCUA Findings and DORs including, but not limited to, static pool analysis, capital adequacy and monitoring of individual portfolio segments. 

Connect with 2O2O Analytics

Talk to one of our CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about 2O2O Analytics. We’ll help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union. 

2O2O Analytics has exclusive pricing and solutions reserved for CUNA Strategic Services and the credit unions and leagues we work with.