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Consumer and Business Loan Portfolio Analysis: Loan Portfolio Risk Analysis, Concentration Risk Assessment, Real Estate, Automobile and Commercial Collateral Valuation, Allowance for Loan Loss Validation, Residual ReserveLeases, Financial Statement Disclosure, and Loan Review

Who is Twenty twenty analytics?

Twenty Twenty Analytics is the premier loan portfolio analytic service provider for credit unions. The Clearwater, Fla., company has more than 60 collective years of credit union industry knowledge, providing risk analysis of commercial and consumer loans, and identifying unique environmental factors that affect credit union portfolios. The team consists of financial consultants and certified public accountants who have experience with audits, due diligence, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulatory exams, and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standards.

How do Credit Unions Benefit From this Strategic Alliance?

By analyzing your credit union loan portfolio, Twenty Twenty Analytics can measure your collateral, grade your loans, validate your allowance, and stress test your portfolio. This expertise is a critical component of managing a loan portfolio that faces evolving markets, pressure to increase loan growth while reducing charge-offs, and examination stressors.

Why this provider over another?

The Twenty Twenty Guaranteed Solution: At Twenty Twenty Analytics we are so confident in the work that we do and the quality of services that we offer that we guarantee your satisfaction. If at any point you determine that our models and tools don't meet or exceed your expectations you can opt out or pay us based on your assessment of the value—even if that amount is zero.

  • In today’s dynamic environment, more frequent exams and compliance with new standards have become the norm. But you don’t have to face this alone. Twenty Twenty has experience helping credit unions successfully navigate challenging exams by working face-to-face with NCUA examiners and auditors.
  • Twenty Twenty works exclusively with credit unions. 
  • The company is a full-service provider of loan portfolio risk analysis. Twenty Twenty will perform your risk analysis and explain the results to you, in contrast to software-based providers that leave you with an application and an instruction booklet. 
  • Twenty Twenty understands loans and risk. By reviewing your loan portfolio, they can find opportunities for growth and pricing.
  • There's no startup time, because Twenty Twenty's models are customized to your data. They are discussing your results within a few weeks, as opposed to other providers that may take several months before you begin to see results.
  • From the beginning, Twenty Twenty clearly spells out the costs to complete the analysis, with no hidden extras. Other providers generally start at a low monthly fee that quickly adds up as you need additional services. 
  • Small credit unions that are experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for greatly discounted or free services from Twenty Twenty.

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Brenda Halverson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4110, or

More Information About Twenty Twenty Analytics Solutions

Twenty Twenty Analytics is constantly adapting its services to meet the needs of an evolving industry, both from a regulatory and operating standpoint. Services include: 

  • Loan Portfolio Risk Analysis: Loan portfolio grading uses a multi-dimensional tool that provides a “credit quality grade” to specific loans in the portfolio based on the current characteristics of your borrower and their collateral. This risk-based approach is widely accepted by the NCUA in reviews of credit union loan portfolios. Specific Loss Probability Analysis reviews loans based on their likelihood of default and their potential for actual losses given current collateral values.
  • Concentration Risk Assessment: Because each credit union is unique, it is not always easy to understand where your real concentrations of risk exist within your portfolio. Twenty Twenty’s model measures current risk and ties together areas of concentration, so that you are able to clearly measure, evaluate and set limits that are specific to you and your membership base. Portfolio Stress Analysis examines how changes in the collateral values or other economic factors could alter collateral exposure or future performance.
  • Collateral Valuation: Using information that is readily at hand, the Twenty Twenty real estate model has been effective in providing values on 100% of properties by using current data provided by the National Association of Realtors. Additionally you can obtain current collateral values for cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATV, watercrafts, heavy trucks, machinery and other collateral. Commercial collateral valuation is calculated by using current information and by considering changes in the market and interest rate environment.
  • Allowance for Loan Loss Validation: Loan allowance validation combines the results of the credit-union-specific collateral valuation and loan paper risk analysis to measure the potential losses and compare them with your allowance account. Loan allowance validation also is used in conjunction with Twenty Twenty’s portfolio stress analysis, so your management can see how changes in economic events affect not only the quality of the loans but how those changes could translate to the bottom line.
  • Residual Reserve–Leases: The residual reserve model for closed-end leases provides your credit union a means of validating your current residual reserve for short-term default probabilities and long-term reserve requirements.
  • Financial Statement Disclosure: New accounting standards require you to change the way that you are reporting your loans and allowance for loan loss in your annual financial statements. Twenty Twenty has a team of certified public accountants who can help you navigate these new disclosures or prepare your financial statements with supporting footnotes.
  • Loan Review: In some cases you may be required to get back to basics and open the original loan files. Twenty Twenty's experienced personnel can dig through those old files and make sure that the loans are properly documented and in compliance with your policy and safety and soundness guidelines. Twenty Twenty can work with your management team to develop customized loan models, which can be useful in assessing and validating current interest rates, evaluating commercial loan portfolios, internal pricing strategies, concentration risk, or potential merger solutions.