Lending Providers

Making loans to members and member business owners is a cornerstone of the credit union movement. Working with CUNA Strategic Services' providers allows many credit unions to expand their loan offerings.


AdvantEdge Analytics

AdvantEdge Analytics provides credit union data and analytics solutions to help improve operational excellence, drive growth and enhance the member experience. Their data management, visualizations, and advanced modeling turn analytical insights into actionable and measurable results.

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CU RateReset

CU RateReset is a credit union specific service providing award-winning solutions for loan retention, loan reset, loan generation and digital pre-approval. Each solution is designed to enhance the digial member experience and assist the credit union in its digital transformation, providing a digital soluton to retain loans a credit union already has on the books.

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eSignLive has secure, easy-to-use, and flexible e-signature options for credit unions of all sizes. eSignLive makes it possible for your members to e-sign anywhere, on any device – on an iPad in the branch, on a member’s smart phone, or online. It offers the strongest legal protection for credit unions through robust document security and comprehensive electronic evidence.

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Harland Clarke

Building on an outstanding legacy of share draft/check printing services, Harland Clarke offers integrated solutions to help credit unions enhance relationships with members. From analytical tools to loan marketing solutions, Harland Clarke helps your credit union shine at multiple touch points.

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LendKey is a cloud-based technology company that provides the essential infrastructure for any party to quickly, securely, efficiently, and profitably lend to anyone else. Its platform allows credit unions to affordably set up a full-scale, fully compliant lending operation within weeks, as well as tap into a community of like-minded lenders. LendKey powers a number of student loan programs.

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Newtek Business Services Corp

Newtek is a premier provider of business services and financial products to small and medium-sized businesses. The company helps credit unions offer a wide variety of business services to members, with no up-front investment in additional staff or infrastructure. Our alliance with Newtek began in February 2003.

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Twenty Twenty Analytics

By analyzing your credit union loan portfolio, Twenty Twenty Analytics can apply its tools to measure your collateral, grade your loans, validate your loss allowance, and stress test your portfolio. Twenty Twenty’s financial consultants and certified public accountants provide expertise that is a critical component of managing a loan portfolio that faces evolving markets, pressure to increase loan growth and reduce charge-offs, and examination stressors.

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