Products and Services Offered Through This Provider

Competitive Rate and Fee Intelligence, Mystery Shopping ServicesMember Satisfaction Surveys, and Compliance/Fair Treatment Testing

Who is Informa Research Services?

Informa Research Services is the premier provider of competitive product rate and fee intelligence, member satisfaction studies, and mystery shopping services to the financial services industry. Informa conducts daily surveys of retail, lending and business products offered by more than 10,000 financial organizations. Informa has designed mystery shopper programs to address sales and service, compliance, fair treatment, member retention and competitive performance issues. Informa became a CUNA Strategic Services provider in 2010.

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance? 

By gathering accurate and timely competitive product rate and fee information, Informa can help your credit union efficiently and intelligently make the right pricing decisions to meet your business objectives. Informa’s mystery shopping services help increase deposits, new account growth, cross-sales, and depth of accounts by motivating and recognizing superior and consistent employee performance.

Why this provider over another?

Established in 1983 to meet a growing need for accurate and timely financial services product information, Informa quickly became the market leader of competitive data intelligence and mystery shopping services for the financial services industry. Informa has earned a reputation for extreme accuracy and enthusiastic customer service. Informa serves more than 6,500 clients from institutions of all sizes, including all of the nation’s top 100 financial institutions.

Ready to get started?

  • Contact Brenda Halverson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4110, or email

More Information About Informa Research Services Products and Solutions

Competitive Rate and Fee Intelligence: Informa conducts daily surveys of deposit, consumer loans, mortgage loans, business lending, credit cards, indirect loan/lease and specialty products. In addition, they can provide fee and feature studies that reveal the competitiveness of your retail and business fee-based products.

Mystery Shopping Services: Informa helps you see real results on key issues – employee sales and service, compliance, fair treatment, member satisfaction, member retention, new product launch, and competitive performance.

Member/Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Informa helps you identify what keeps your members coming back, those you are at risk of losing, and why you may lose them. Understand the key drivers of member satisfaction.

Compliance Testing, Self Assessment: Informa helps you identify and correct serious fair treatment, fair lending, and other compliance-related issues in a confidential self-assessment program. Using mystery shop and member survey methodologies, we capture the "member experience" to identify areas of improvement or concern which cannot typically be gleaned from general compliance transaction testing. This type of testing greatly complements your credit union's quality control monitoring program with enhanced coverage of the true end-to-end process.