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The value of detailed physical security inspections

by TraceSecurity

To effectively manage today's dynamic threat landscape and evolving regulatory environment, credit unions must have a strong defensive posture. With the rise in cybersecurity threats, many credit unions remain focused on technology, protecting networks and systems, and as a result might be overlooking traditional security measures, such as physical security. There is no denying physical security is a key component of an effective risk management program. These breaches can be just as damaging as other types of security attacks and are far easier to prevent than respond to.

Physical security measures are designed to safeguard personnel and prevent unauthorized access to facilities, equipment, materials, documents and data. Maintaining an effective physical security program requires the implementation of security controls for facilities, publicly accessible areas, restricted areas, and data centers, as well as solid building construction, reliable power sources, adequate climate control, and appropriate protection from intruders, among other things.

To protect critical infrastructure, assets, and people, credit unions should include physical security inspections as part of their overall risk management program. This includes creating a standard process for ongoing facility reviews, documenting the maturity of existing physical security controls, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing an actionable remediation plan.

However, many credit unions find they do not have the knowledge, expertise, or access to the right methodology to properly assess physical security. To help address these and other challenges, TraceSecurity has developed an app that empowers credit unions to easily evaluate physical security controls and access inspection results.

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Ensure Your Facility Is Protected with TraceInspect

Join us to learn how the new app:

  • Puts physical security best practices in the palm of your hand
  • Guides you through the physical security inspection process
  • Enables you to capture images and videos within the app
  • Generates detailed reports for a complete view of progress and results

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