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Card Updating App: Increase member loyalty and transaction volume

What is Strivve?

Strivve is an innovative leader in the payments industry, creating cardholder experiences that increase card usage and transaction volume 

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

Strivve’s CardUpdatr App allows issuers to offer cardholders an instant way to add or update cards on file at billing, subscription, and e-commerce sites. The app is 100% branded for your credit union with zero-integration required. In days, your members will be adding your card to multiple sites in 3 simple steps, while your credit union experiences increased card usage and revenue.

Cardholder Experience

Credit unions benefit from Strivve during:

  • New Card Activation
  • Fraud Triggered Re-issuance
  • Expired Card  
  • Lost/Stolen Card 
  • FI Switching 
  • Card Network Conversions 
  • Virtual Card or Token Provisioning
  • Instant New Cardholder Engagement
  • Portfolio Reissuance
  • Daily Existing Card Reissuance
  • Competitive Card Switching Offers 
  • Underutilized Cards Promotions

Make your card Top of Wallet® with CardUpdatr. 

Why this provider over another?

  • The first comprehensive solution to getting cards on file. 
  • It requires ZERO developmental resources.
  • Simplest and quickest way to get this solution in the hands of your cardholders.

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Jenny Jackson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4102 or

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