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Multi-channel video banking collaboration. Supported Channels:

  • In-Branch Video Collaboration (Single Monitor & Dual Monitor Deployments Available)
  • Mobile Video Banking (APP & SDK)
  • Web Video Meetings

What is POPi/o?

POPi/o is a video banking solution that enables credit unions to deliver experts across their branch distribution network and beyond.

Gene Pranger, credited as the inventor of video banking and CEO & Founder of POPi/o, sees mobile video banking and video-enabled branches as the future of human interactions across financial services. Moving video beyond the centralization of tellers to include loan officers, mortgage advisers, investment services, and more is critical as the demand for greater access and improved relationships continue to grow. POPi/o fulfills this vision by providing multi-channel video solutions that enable communication, collaboration, and centralization.

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

  • Increased speed and convenience by efficiently serving your members from anywhere - average video call length in 2018 was just over five minutes.
  • Centralized lending - lenders no longer have to be physically stationed at every branch. Video banking can create the same experience from a central location through video rooms or offices.
  • Build trust and increase share of wallet - serve and sell to members while building trust through face-to-face conversations before they start looking somewhere else.

Why this provider over another?

POPi/o today supports more U.S. based mobile video banking deployments than any other provider and continues to invest in video banking innovations focused on community financial institutions. With innovative features that include emotional recognition and coaching and video check deposit, POPi/o continues to push what can be accomplished through video.

In today’s economy, convenience and understanding your members’ needs is paramount. Static webpages, generic videos, long phone calls with low conversions and impersonal experiences across digital channels are creating a market shift that is lead by all generations. Personalized video conversations coupled with collaboration enables your staff to leverage what makes you special to separate yourself from your competition.

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