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Collaborative Portals for Boards, Employees and Vendor Management

Who is Passageways?

Passageways is the leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration software. More than 50,000 employees, leaders, and board members across 500+ enterprise customers use Passageways for easy and secure enterprise collaboration. Passageways was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Lafayette, Indiana.

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

With more than 500 customers and a dozen industry awards, Passageways has a proven record of excellence in products and customer support. Passageways’ solutions are uniquely developed to help credit unions. With this strategic alliance, credit unions are eligible for discounts on the OnBoard board portal, OnSemble employee intranet, and OnTrack vendor management solutions.

  • OnBoard makes board meetings easy. OnBoard, the world’s most intuitive board portal solution, works seamlessly across PCs and tablets to ensure that executives, board members, and corporate secretaries can easily produce and securely share critical and time-sensitive board information. OnBoard removes the stress of board meetings so you can focus on your business.
  • OnSemble makes employee collaboration easy. OnSemble, an enterprise-class intranet solution for credit unions, makes collaboration easy by bringing together the tools, technology, and know-how required to drive improvements in employee collaboration.  It’s an intranet backed with the trust of hundreds of leading credit unions. 
  • OnTrack comprehensively organizes vendor information to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines for third-party relationships. You'll compile all your vendor-specific documents in one easy-to-access location, use important risk classifications and objective scorecard ratings, and receive notifications of important dates to guard against unwanted renewals.

Why this provider over another? 

  • Passageways is the largest provider of employee intranet and board portal solutions to credit unions, with more than 500 satisfied customers.
  • As part of a CUSO, Passageways has in-depth knowledge of the unique needs and challenges faced by credit unions. It continues to develop new and innovative solutions for the industry.
  • With a 100% technical support satisfaction rating, Passageways brings unprecedented support to the table to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment in the shortest time possible.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support, direct from our headquarters. Customers receive immediate help from a team that takes pride in its 100% satisfaction rating.

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Jenny Jackson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4102 or

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