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What is Eltropy?

Eltropy is a Text Messaging-based platform that enables credit unions to communicate with members over Text in a secure and TCPA-compliant way.

Text Messaging technology from Eltropy enhances member experience, boosts member engagement and drives asset growth for CUs. 

Eltropy provides a “single solution” to meet all the text messaging needs of a credit union - Lending, Collections, Branch, Sales, Marketing, Service, and Risk Management. 

The Eltropy technology provides credit unions with three key values: 

  • Compliance and security: text messaging compliant with FCC/TCPA regulations and secure information sharing 
  • IT integrations: out-of-the-box integrations with core systems (like Symitar, Corelation), CRMs (like Salesforce) and other IT systems
  • Intelligence and Analytics: built in ROI, member engagement reports and insights to drive business decisions  

Using Eltropy’s platform, Baxter Credit Union (BCU) was able to achieve an ROI of 600%, with a payback period of less than two months and an 11x improvement in member engagement. 

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

The collaboration between CSS and Eltropy enables credit unions to leverage a proven and superior text messaging solution in the market at a discounted rate.

Additionally, this alliance empowers credit unions to use a single solution for all their text messaging needs. 

Why this provider over another?

Eltropy is the best text messaging solution in the market because - 

  • it is built specifically for Credit Unions, keeping in mind the needs of each team such as Lending, Collections, Branch, Sales, Marketing, Service, and Risk Management. 
  • it is easy-to-use and provides a better member experience as the platform integrates with existing IT systems at CUs such as Symitar, Corelation, Salesforce, etc. 
  • it allows credit union content to be more accessible to prospective members, along with tracking engagement, creating lead generation and increasing credit union membership. 

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Jenny Jackson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4102 or

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