Products and Services Offered Through This Provider

ATM and Branch Supplies and Accessories; Cash and Coin Counting Equipment

Who is DieboldDirect?

DieboldDirect is your one-stop shop for coin and currency equipment and the supplies you need to support your ATMs, drive-up VAT systems, and credit union branches. 

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

Credit unions receive a 10 percent discount off list price for the essential products you need to operate your branches. Credit unions also receive free ground shipping on all orders placed in the continental United States.


The Ultimate Guarantee
If a DieboldDirect-supplied item used in an ATM such as paper, ribbon, cassette or a cleaning card causes any machine downtime, DieboldDirect will promptly repair, replace or refund the item at no charge and waive any associated service call costs.

No-Charge Warehousing
Your credit union’s ATM supplies can be stocked in a Diebold warehouse to help ensure prompt delivery. This service allows credit unions to work with smaller on-hand inventories and still experience lower overhead costs without sacrificing product availability.

Flexible Delivery
DieboldDirect can structure product delivery schedules to meet your needs with automatic shipping schedules and an option to address emergency situations with priority overnight delivery or counter-to-counter service.

Products for Every Brand
DieboldDirect provides a full range of supplies that meet all your needs, no matter what kind of equipment you have, be it Diebold, NCR, Wincor, Fujitsu, Triton, Tidel or others. 

Dedicated DieboldDirect Representative
Your credit union will have a dedicated customer service representative assigned to your account to help you select products and services that meet your needs and budget.  

Ready to get started?

More Information About DieboldDirect 

ATM and Branch Supplies and Accessories
A division of Diebold, Incorporated, DieboldDirect provides supplies and accessories for ATMs, drive-through VAT systems and branches. Using quality OEM supplies tested and approved by Diebold engineers will help minimize customer/member service disruptions and ensure that your Diebold units operate properly. For more than 150 years, the Diebold name has stood for top quality and service.

Cash and Coin Counting Equipment
Don't send your members down the street to cash in their change. With a self-service coin counter, you’ll increase lobby traffic without needing to increase staff. It also gives your staff an opportunity to build member relationships and cross-sell your services. The DieboldDirect line of coin and currency counting equipment includes:

  • A stand-alone self-service coin machine for sorting loose change into denomination-specific bags inside the unit
  • Tabletop currency counters with the ability to detect counterfeit bills
  • Coin sorters with the ability to sort by denomination and reject foreign currencies or slugs
  • Coin packagers with bags, tubes and wrappers or coin trays