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Who is Diebold?

Diebold is the leading provider of ATMs in the U.S. and a leading global supplier of self-service systems. In addition to manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment, Diebold addresses credit union needs through comprehensive service solutions surrounding ATM services, security services, deposit automation and branch transformation. Working with Diebold, the original ATM innovator, CUNA Strategic Services has created integrated equipment and service solutions enabling credit unions to securely automate personalized attention to each and every member. Our strategic alliance with Diebold began in 1984.

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

Offering ATMs will save your credit union money and increase member satisfaction. If your credit union doesn't deploy ATMs, your members will use the ATMs of third parties and other financial institutions. That subjects your members to surcharges and increases your costs. ATM deployment provides many benefits for you and your members:

  • Provides convenient 24-hour account access
  • Helps members avoid surcharge fees
  • Shortens your teller lines, giving better service to members
  • Saves your credit union money; ATM transactions cost less than teller transactions
  • Saves your credit union money vs. building and staffing a new branch

Why this provider over another?

Diebold is well known for innovative, reliable equipment, but perhaps the greatest reason that your credit union should consider Diebold is their flexibility and breadth. There is no credit union need too small or great for Diebold. Need one ATM? Done! Want to outsource the maintenance and upkeep of your entire ATM fleet, have your branch premises physically secure, and recycle cash at your teller lines? No problem!

Diebold is ahead of the curve in understanding how members interact with their money now and in the future. The company understands the risks facing credit unions, and is working to ensure the safety and security of your members and their information. Being a Diebold customer gives you access to the best technology and services in the financial world today.

Ready to get started?

  • Contact Tom Lybeck, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4109, or

More Information About Diebold Products and Solutions

Self-Service Equipment, Technology and Services for ATMs, Deposit Automation, and Cash Automation

What exactly does "self service" mean? It's technology that empowers people to access services when, where and how they choose. One popular example is the ATM, but that's just a start. Diebold's self-service solutions include:

ATMs & Self-Service Terminals – Advanced-function ATMs, cash dispensers and special application terminals.

Managed Services – Diebold's managed services can help you to capitalize on opportunities, avoid threats and focus your time on your credit union's most beneficial activities. These services include eight primary suites of services:

  • Availability management
  • ATM security and compliance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Cash management
  • Content delivery
  • Software management
  • Help desk and site management
  • Custom managed solutions

RemoteTellerTM – A cost-effective, personal approach to in-branch banking using pneumatics and two-way closed circuit television.

Teller Automation – Stop counting cash; start building relationships. With cash dispensers and recyclers from Diebold, your tellers will be free to focus their attention on members at every interaction.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services – As a trusted advisor to the financial services industry, Diebold has built subject-matter expertise and market intelligence. Diebold's consultants have practical experience in all aspects of retail banking and distribution network planning. Working collaboratively with clients, Diebold offers fresh, informed insight to deliver operational performance and profit improvement.  

Electronic Security

Security Products & Services – You need a managed security services partner that understands today’s threats. A partner like Diebold.

ATM Security – Your members aren't the only ones who want money from your ATMs. Criminals, con-artists, hackers and high-tech bandits are all looking for ways to steal your assets. Diebold has taken a leading role in ATM security by integrating monitoring and security features directly into the design of its ATMs.

Fire Detection – For around-the-clock confidence that your facility is being monitored, Diebold is the right choice. When an alarm sounds, professionals at Diebold’s CSAA Level 2 Monitoring Center immediately react based on the procedures in your response plan. Rely on a partner that has one of the best response times in the industry to protect your members, employees, and assets. 

High Security Locksmith Services – Diebold partners with Medeco to offer locksmith services. Point-of-entry security is more than selecting the right lock; it includes trusting the locksmith to deploy proper security measures. Our nationwide fleet is equipped with emergency kits to quickly care for your facility's security. When you need a quick and affordable rekey, we offer three customized solutions to meet your needs.

ATM Supplies, Branch Supplies, Coin and Currency Counters

DieboldDirect – This one-stop-shopping resource offers superior ATM supplies such as paper, ribbon and envelopes, and coin and currency counters, complete with knowledgeable product representatives to help support your needs. 

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Diebold ActivEdge: Anti-skimming Card Reader

The Advisory Group (TAG)

When you join The Advisory Group (TAG), your credit union can have direct access to Diebold executives for rapid creative development and problem solving. Plus, you receive discounts on training and supplies.