Proactive Credit Card Credit Line Management Solutions

Twenty Twenty Analytics helps Credit Unions evaluate their current credit card holders to identify members that demonstrate the ability to repay and may be candidates for credit line increases. Through our partnership with TransUnion, we’ll update FICO Scores, Estimated Income and Debt to Income Ratios to analyze members exhibiting strong credit quality indicators and propose new credit limits for qualifying card holders. Some features of this program include:

  • Fully customizable credit quality parameters based on your Credit Union’s policies and risk tolerance
  • No specific layout or file format requirements
  • Output files in format best suited for streamlined administration of credit line increases
  • Subsequent evaluation of performance to quantify portfolio growth and losses (if any)

Twenty Twenty Analytics has evaluated hundreds of thousands of credit cards for members qualifying for line increases. Throughout this process, we often see growth from 20% to 30% on cards qualifying for line increases with limited additional delinquency*. We truly see this as a win-win scenario for both your Credit Union and its Members.

* Individual Credit Union Results Will Vary