Discovering Hidden Threats: 4 Ways to Protect Against Advanced Attacks

Originally recorded on May 19, 2016, 55 minutes

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The evolution of cyber attacks toward more hidden, advanced malware is a stark reminder of how tough it can be to protect your organization from malicious attacks. In this webinar, we’ll use the recent Qbot resurgence (a new shape-shifting version of the malware) to show how older methods are being revived in new, highly sophisticated formats to evade security mechanisms.

You'll explore how self-protection, polymorphism and frequent infrastructure changes enable this type of malware to avoid detection – and why combining persistent prevention, threat intelligence, big data analytics and in-depth investigation efforts are the keys to improving your ability to keep your environment safe from these hidden threats.


Adrian Nish, head of cyber threat intelligence, BAE Systems
Dave Gormley, product marketing manager, BAE Systems

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