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Updating your overdraft strategy can protect both revenue and member relationships


Maintaining a high level of performance can be challenging when your product revenue starts to decline. It’s times like this when having an expert advisor at your side to uncover areas for improvement can boost your overall results and improve the service you provide. Learn how Cedar Point FCU was able to get their overdraft program back on track to exceed prior income levels while keeping member relationships and compliance confidence as their top priorities.

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Introducing the loan that 9 out of 10 consumers want.

Kasasa Loans

The Kasasa LoanTM is the only auto and personal loan that lets borrowers pay ahead to reduce debt, and take that extra money back if they need it. We call that a take-backTM. The control and flexibility offered with this innovative product are unprecedented. In fact, Kasasa consumer research shows that 98% of consumers said they would refinance existing debt at the same rate to get this patent-pending loan.

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