CUNA Strategic Solutions

AdvantEdge Analytics’ services are a first for the credit union industry, bringing together data management, visualizations, and advanced modeling into one end-to-end solution. Services include:

  • Data Management - centralizing data to give you efficient access to the data you need and creating a single source of truth.
  • Reporting and Visualizations – Built in visualization tools and analytical frameworks allow you to easily monitor key performance metrics.
  • Advanced Modeling – Predictive modeling of member wants and needs will give you insights into how to course correct before it's too late.

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Tax Season will be here sooner than you think! Once the holidays begin taxes will be the last thing on you members’ minds until those W2’s magically appear. 

When that time comes, help your members cope with the stress by offering them a great way to put that impending tax refund aside for some well-deserved enjoyment. 

The CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card is the easy way for members to enjoy their refund responsibly.

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