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Marketing Services and Payment Solutions: Direct Marketing, Loan Marketing, AnalyticsShare Drafts, Business Checks and Forms, and Statements

Who is Harland Clarke?

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Harland Clarke has been a CUNA Strategic Services provider since 2002. Harland Clarke was formed in 2007 when Clarke American Corporation joined with the John H. Harland Company. Harland Clarke offers direct marketing services, analytical services, account statements, contact center services, and share draft/check printing. 

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

Building on its outstanding legacy of share draft/check printing services, Harland Clarke offers integrated solutions to help credit unions enhance relationships with members. Harland Clarke's services help your credit union shine at multiple touch points.

Why this provider over another?

The company offers unique promotional tools, from messaging in the check box itself, to monthly statements, to on-demand, customizable marketing campaigns. In share draft/check printing services, Harland Clarke dwarfs the competition, each year producing billions of checks accurately, securely, and with complete adherence to compliance standards. With an impressive 99.95% rate of accuracy, Harland Clarke  reflects the quality image of your credit union with each service request and member delivery.

Ready to get started?

  • Contact Tom Lybeck, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4109, or email tlybeck@cuna.com.

More Information About Harland Clarke Products and Solutions

Share Draft/Check Printing Services

Checks are an important payment method for millions of account holders and continue to play an important role for credit unions. Harland Clarke offers an unparalleled suite of products and services to deliver check programs that support your strategic goals.

  • Quik-Check – Serve your members better and free up staff time with Harland Clarke’s 24-hour, seven-day automated voice response system for no-change check reorders.
  • Performance GuaranteeSM – Guarantee 100% member satisfaction by letting your members call Harland Clarke directly to quickly resolve problems.
  • ExpertMailSM – Avoid the problems and expense of dealing with undeliverable check orders.
  • Compare&Switch®– Promote your checking program and make it easy for members to make the switch.
  • Finishing Touches™ – Add value for your members, personality to your program and revenue for your credit union with check personalization services.
  • Smarter Starter™ – Leverage this smart way to open new accounts with personalized checks and more.
  • CheckProtect – Harland Clarke provides credit unions with a deep discount when they elect to have the default shipping method be CheckProtect, a faster, secure and trackable delivery service for checks. Learn more.
  • Learn more about personal checks and related services

Business Checks and Forms

Harland Clarke Business Solutions works on behalf of credit unions by providing members with a one-step process for ordering business checks and forms. HBS provides 100% guaranteed compatible checks and forms for premiere accounting software packages, including Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, Peachtree, DacEasy, and Best to name a few. Ordering from Harland Clarke is easy — orders can be placed by either credit union representatives or directly by members by phone using one centralized location.
With Harland Clarke Business Solutions you can expect:

  • The fastest turnaround time — most orders ship within three business days
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all the leading accounting software
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom coloring and logo options
  • Simplified ordering — just call toll free (877)ASK-4HBS
  • Learn more about business products and programs

Direct Marketing

Harland Clarke can create custom direct mail solutions based on the specific needs of your credit union, your brand and the goals you want to achieve. Or, you can choose from Harland Clarke’s collection of campaigns that offer high-impact designs at a reduced cost and faster turnaround times. Harland Clarke specializes in direct mail campaigns that are professional, innovative and support your acquisition, growth and retention strategies.

Loan Marketing

Whether you want to attract new borrowers or promote loan offers to current members, Harland Clarke has a marketing solution to meet your needs. Shopper Alert™ sends a pre-qualified offer within 24 hours of an alert inquiry from any one of the three leading credit bureaus. Refi Genius™ identifies prospects with loans at competing financial institutions that can save money each month by refinancing with you. Loan Magnet™ identifies consumers who are most likely to be in the market for a loan and with the highest propensity to respond to an offer.


Harland Clarke has a full suite of analytical tools that help credit unions leverage existing member data to improve performance. The Stratics™ product suite provides predictive modeling intelligence that increases the effectiveness of your cross- and up-sell marketing efforts. By leveraging Harland Clarke’s industry database, as well as your own information, Stratics can be used to define a relationship strategy for individual members or specific market segments. Features include predictive modeling, targeting and segmentation, data mining, data enhancement and list services.


Your member statements should do more than just detail transactions. Let your statements make a statement. Harland Clarke’s account statements turn ordinary informational pieces into effective marketing communications. Through both print and secure electronic statements, Harland Clarke delivers statements that support your brand and product initiatives, in addition to providing your accountholders with accurate and timely account information. Get three types statement solutions: transactional print, electronic, and transpromotional print/online. 

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