Digital Lending - How to Acquire and Grow Your Millennial Members

Date:February 13, 2018
Time:12:00 pm Central
(1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 pm Central, 11:00 am Mountain, 10:00 am Pacific)

A free webinar brought to you by CUNA Strategic Services and LendKey.

A national survey found that 73% of millennials would be more excited about a new offering in financial services from Google, Amazon, Apple, PayPal, or Square than from their own financial institution. To protect lending and deposits, credit unions must adapt now. 

Join LendKey Founder & CEO, Vince Passione, for a compelling look at how digital lending can be the bridge to connect credit unions with Millennial borrowers now, so they can form valuable, lasting relationships. 

Topics & Objectives

  • How millennials are building relationships with financial services brands 
  • How they are spending, borrowing, and their financial challenges 
  • The opportunity in student lending; the need for private borrowing and the current regulatory environment 
  • Why attracting younger borrowers now is needed to protect your future


Vince Passione is the founder and CEO of LendKey, the market’s most advanced lending platform and network, and a veteran technologist for financial services companies. Vince began his career in technology at IBM and received his bachelor of science degree from Polytechnic University.

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