Satisfying Members and the Bottom Line, One ATM Deposit at a Time

Published on August 12, 2011

TwinStar Credit Union’s affiliation with Diebold results in smooth, efficient and revenue-generating deposit automation adoption.

TwinStar's early adoption of deposit automation technology at its ATMs was centered on driving member satisfaction, while at the same time improving processes to generate cost savings and revenue growth. TwinStar looked to their longtime partner, Diebold for its industry-leading deposit automation solutions.

Diebold’s solutions are designed to best meet what credit unions say are the most critical requirements in a deposit automation solution – availability, reliability, speed, flexibility and security. And for TwinStar, it also meant cost savings from daily deposit pulls. TwinStar has already realized significant return on investment since installing deposit automation solutions on two-thirds of its ATM fleet during the past four years, with plans for additional units.

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