Case Study: Innovative Washington-State CU Offers CU RateReset Options to Members

Published on September 10, 2018

A case study from CU Rate Reset and CUNA Strategic Services

America’s Credit Union (ACU), in DuPont, Wash., has always been creative with products, services, and promotions. It’s launched retro postcards, eye-catching billboards, and signage to promote products such as a 1.3% Visa card, online bill-pay, and free checking. It’s also innovative in its partnership with CU RateReset.

“CU RateReset is the simplest way to help our members extend their loan payments, take quick advantage of pre-approvals, and transfer credit card balances seamlessly,” says Kelli Kinney, director of consumer lending, at ACU, a credit union with $614 million in assets.

ACU has approximately 48,000 members and 16 branches and offers its members the full palette of loan products, including mortgages, credit cards, lines of credit, auto loans, and others. Read how ACU used CU RateReset to offer members solutions.

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