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CUNA Strategic Services works with a top calendar printer to offer credit union wall calendars, pocket planners, calendar cards, and stick up calendars.


YOUR Members see calendars as a gift. So should you.

To your credit union, calendars are a gift to your marketing budget. Calendars offer year-long advertising impact at a remarkably low cost per impression—typically below $.0006 per view. The opportunity to reinforce your brand is renewed each month, when members flip the page to a new image and new reminders.

Studies show calendars make an impression on consumers:

  • 79% of consumers have at least one printed calendar in their home. Shouldn’t it be from your credit union and not a bank?
  • 41% of consumers referred a friend to the business that gave them a calendar. Calendars are a great tool that builds word of mouth advertising.
  • 80% of consumers used their wall calendar every day; only 32% use their computer calendar daily. Calendars provide targeted marketing and are highly visible.
  • The average cost per impression for a calendar from CUNA Strategic Services is $.0006. How does that measure up to radio, television or newspaper advertising?

Why this provider over another?

CUNA Strategic Services has offered credit union calendars for more than 20 years. Our relationship with the largest calendar producer in North America and the volume of our program allow us to offer premium quality calendars at prices less than what you could receive elsewhere.

Thanks to your purchases of Credit Unions for Kids® branded calendars, the credit union movement has donated nearly $10,000 in the last four years to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Thank you for your support of this worthy program.

More details on the Credit Union for Kids donation program can be found on the "make a difference” page of the calendar catalog. CUNA Strategic Services will donate 10% of the net proceeds from the sale of all Credit Unions for Kids branded calendars in the name of a supporting credit union chosen at random. 


  • PHONE: 800-833-8136
  • FAX: 800-206-2977
  • MAIL: Calendar Coop Center, c/o CUNA Calendar Program, 1000 Hwy 4 South, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085

For other questions about calendars, contact Brenda Halverson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4110, or

More Information About Calendars

New for 2015:

These value-added features are available:

  • Full-page imprint: Enhance the value of your calendars by customizing the inside-back cover with your credit union specific information such as locations and hours, frequently used phone numbers, and products/services. See a sample of a credit union's customized page.
    • Available on select wall calendars
    • Available for only $25 per order
  • Free four-line imprint and, at your request, delayed shipment.


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Make the most of your calendars

What’s new? New credit union exclusive designs, new Mix-N-Match choices, and more.

Value-added features: Get the most out of your calendars with QR codes, full-color imprinting, or a custom inside back cover.

Customization: From basic imprints to a full-custom calendar, we have options to fit every budget.