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Community-Based, Merchant-Funded Rewards Program

Who is Buzz Points?

Buzz Points is a bank local, buy local, redeem local, merchant-funded loyalty program, and an exclusive CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider. The program is based upon a 100% redemption model, and the point liability resides on Buzz Points' balance sheet. The turnkey solution can be launched in 90 days, and Buzz Points signs up the participating local merchants. Buzz Points builds stronger communities, one point at a time.

Buzz Points has...

  • 43,000+ local merchants in its network
  • $2.6 billion+ in transactions
  • Financial institution partners in 21 states

Buzz Points users…

  • Average 10 more debit card transactions per month, per member
  • Have an additional $350 more spend per month, per member
  • Yield $8 more per member of new monthly income
  • Purchase 50% more of your products and services

How do credit unions benefit?

Credit union benefits

  • Increased non-interest income and sales of your products and services
  • Point liability stays on Buzz Points’ books
  • Turnkey program

Member benefits

  • Earn bonus points for shopping locally
  • Redeem points for local gift cards
  • 70% of rewards are offered by local businesses

Merchant benefits

  • Double local spending
  • Smart, targeted marketing
  • Market analytics that connect the merchant to the member

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Brenda Halverson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4110, or

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